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The European Commission has released a new policy which says adopting a new 'against lock-in' approach and open standards could save the EU's public sector more than €1.1 billion a year.
The Information Commissioner's Office has warned of a lack of understanding and high costs surrounding the proposed EU data reforms in a new independent survey.
It's been a big week for standards in the public sector. The EU wants them for Cloud, but many are concerned, the healthcare industry wants them for patient records, but industry is concerned, and finally, the Open Standards Board have made progress by announcing its line up of members. Much discussion lies around how open these should be - openness being the ethos of the Cabinet Office, while openness in the healthcare discussion only seems to be coming from the industry side. Read more...
Accreditation body APM Group calls for Europe to step back on Cloud standards as he comments on the impending results from ETSI's Cloud Standardization Initiative.
No-one can accuse Neelie Kroes of not being consistent. Fresh from pushing ahread with plans for a European Union Cloud Computing strategy, the Digital Agenda commissioner has set out her pan-European broadband stall with a ten point plan of action.
The UK government is on another collision course with Brussels after the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) formally opposed aspects of new data protection legislation proposed by the European Commission.

Earlier this month the European Commission issued a 27 page legal opinion that could have major ramifications for global Cloud Computing – particularly when it comes to dealing with US Cloud services providers from within the European Economic Area (EEA). 

Never mind wondering whether the Euro crisis will drive closer European political integration – it’s Cloud Computing on a European scale that demands a greater single European identity. 
That’s the clarion cry from Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner  responsible for the Union's Digital Agenda, as the European Commission draws closer to the publication of a formal European Cloud Computing Strategy later this year. 
Last month research firm Gartner warned that Continental Europe is at least two y
Europe's citizens, businesses and innovators are generating enough digital demand to put Europe into sustainable economic growth - but failure to supply enough fast Internet, online content, research and relevant skills is holding us back.
The public sector may also be a limiting factor - with European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes adding, "Europeans are hungry for digital technologies and more digital choices but governments and industry are not keeping up with them.
"This attachment to 20th century p

When it comes to Cloud Computing adoption, a recurring meme of late has been that the UK finds itself actually ahead of the US in terms of public sector strategy and adoption.

Sadly that's not the case for Europe as a whole, reckons Gartner. Across all sectors, we're about 2 years behind our US cousins it seems.