digital divide

It has been almost three years since former culture secretary Jeremy Hunt promised Britain would lead Europe in fast broadband provision, but the continuing lack of broadband in rural areas is now causing a digital divide - especially in education.
The Digital Divide could fell the government's Digital by Default ambitions, according to the National Audit Office
Is Digital by Default really digital exclusion by diktat? Cabinet office Minister Nick Hurd isn't having that...or being lectured on effective ICT by a Labour MP!
The transformative impact of ICT on people's lives sometimes really does have to be seen to be believed, says Robin Christopherson of e-accessibility charity Abilitynet
If we are all to become digital natives and access the public services we need seamlessly and effortlessly online, then a major digital ‘channel shift’ is going to have to take place first.
Citing the fact 43% of disabled people in the UK - four million people - have never been online, either because of design barriers or because they may be unaware of advances in technology that can make access easier, digital access campaign Go ON Gold was launched at the weekend, supported by Paralympic athletes and backed by the BBC, Age UK and the Post Office.
"Disability often leads to a lack of independence and social isolation.
Westminster City Council is hosting a hackathon that we'd encourage you to think about helping out with; it's trying to get IT developers, digital creatives, graphic designers and software engineers to help get fresh thinking on this tough social area.
Westminster wants your combined brainpower towards the many challenges faced by homeless people when it comes to digital inclusion – problems such as how to apply for a job without a phone number are significant, but only scratch the surface.
The Hack Day will kick off
Teaching and learning in the 21st century needs to be 'turbo-charged' by educational technology rather than using technologies designed for other purposes - or the UK will fall behind our international competitors.
That's the verdict of a new report developed by the Technology-Enhanced Learning Research Programme (TEL), a five-year research initiative funded jointly by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.
The report

There is a serious risk that public policy underestimates the challenge of supporting people to get and stay online,

A new scheme for a ‘cheap’ PC and broadband bundle’s been launched to try and bridge the digital divide.
The package is for a refurbished Windows 7 PC plus 12 months Internet for just £159 - £99 if you’re on benefits.
The brainchild of UK Digital Champion Martha Lane-Fox, the system’s targeting the 8m Brits who still haven’t ever dipped a toe into cyberspace and is supported by Microsoft and ISPs TalkTalk and Simplify
The 2012 version of BT’s ‘Internet Rangers’ competition to encourage schools to help get older people online have just opened.
Prizes on offer include iPads, laptops - and up to £4000 cash for the winning school.
The awards are open to individual children up to the age of sixteen, teachers and schools who can demonstrate that they have helped an older person ge