Skyscape Cloud Services has announced a new Channel Partner Programme to coincide with the launch of the G-Cloud 4 framework tender release.
While the CloudStore and the Cloud first initiative are offering a huge boost to the UK cloud industry, just because a company is on the approved list doesn't mean they will be the right choice for a deployment.
The Government Digital Service (GDS) has announced that the fourth iteration of its G-Cloud framework is now open for suppliers to sign up.
The Government Digital Service's mantra of addressing the user need in its work is set to be applied to the G-Cloud programme as the team prepares for the next phase of the G-Cloud.
The Government Digital Service's Mark O'Neill has teased the fourth iteration of the Cloudstore, calling for feedback to help develop the next iteration.
In response to Francis Maude commenting that the G-Cloud is still underused, one early framework supplier explains the first hand experience of the perception of the G-Cloud.
A new report has highlighted a lack of civil servant confidence in how to use the Cloudstore.
The government's G-Cloud programme has become the remit of the Government Digtial Service (GDS)
The Home Office has chosen UK Cloud services company Skyscape to provide Platform-as-a-Service solutions to the Disclosure and Barring Service.
The Cabinet Office has chosen UK IT hosting company and IL2 accredited IaaS provider Memset to host the G-Cloud's new CloudStore website.