Cloud Computing

Analysts Gartner have warned that despite all its promise, is still an evolving area - and organisations may have to keep on reviewing their strategies to keep implementations successful.
Cloud Computing runs the risk of being something that happens to Europe, not with Europe, unless some radical rethinking takes place.
Speaking at the Europe European Internet Foundation event on Cloud Computing in Brussels today, Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes reiterated her view that the Cloud is a massive opportunity for Europe, but that there are major barriers in the way to achieving its full potential. 
"Already information and communications technology are huge, representing half our productivity gro
ICT professionals are recognising they need a solid strategy to address a hybrid mixture of Cloud and on-premise applications. At IDC’s recent Cloud Application Development and Deployment conference, Simon Peel, Cast Iron Leader Europe at IBM, offered five thoughts on Cloud Connectivity 
We can do this ourselves
“It takes a few months to realise that this was a really bad decision, but some 65% of all companies start off doing custom coding integration.
To conclude our mini-series offering advice on Platform as a Service (PaaS) as outlined this week by David Bradshaw, research manager applications software and solutions, IDC EMEA (speaking at the firm’s Cloud conference in London earlier this week) we finish with his guidance on how to select the right PaaS vendor
How much more does your vendor know about Cloud security than you
David Bradshaw, research manager applications software and solutions, IDC EMEA, speaking at the firm’s Cloud conference in London earlier this week, gave us three reasons for doing Platform as a Service yesterday.
Frank Scavo of analyst firm Constellation Research takes apart some common prejudices and fashionable positions about the big vendors to see if there's any reality to them
There’s something I’ve noticed over the years that bothers me. That is, the tendency for industry observers to take unqualified positions for or against certain technology vendors.
Some excellent pointers towards the drivers and trends in the Private Cloud space from Thomas Otter, VP Distinguished Analyst at research giant Gartner
"2012 will be the year that private Cloud moves from market hype to many pilot and mainstream deployments," notes Otter. "So much will be happening in 2012 that winners and losers in the vendor sweepstakes will probably be pretty clear by year-end 2012, and certainly by year-end 2013. Also, enterprises are rushing so fast that there will be casualties along the way.
David Bradshaw, research manager applications software and solutions, IDC EMEA has told delegates at a London event of the analyst firm's this week his top three reasons for doing Platform as a Service
You don’t have to forecast demand. PaaS gives you more scope to experiment at an earlier stage. You don’t get left with a lot of tin if something goes wrong. You need to watch how you predict costs.
Brian McCabe of Hitachi Consulting Europe on the impact of Cloud on IT - and why it may be wider and deeper than we sometimes think
Cloud Computing impacts more than just those of us who spend our days working in the IT industry. So what does this mean for those who have sat the courses, toiled over the exams and collected the badges? Yes - us Service Management Practitioners who have nailed our colours firmly to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) mast.
Are we next year’s dinosaurs?
Jeff Parris of Internet operator Level 3 says we need to be realistic about the CloudStore - and help it along, if needs be
A little over a month ago, the government introduced a pretty ground-breaking initiative. Playing into the current trend towards utility services procured through cloud-based computing models, Eleanor Stewart, engagement manager for the G-Cloud programme, unveiled a new procurement channel for the public sector.