Cloud Computing


US telco CenturyLink is to buy Saavis, a leading Cloud Computing provider to the UK government, for $2.5 billion. 


In the week that Amazon suffered its embarrassing outage comes a reminder of how powerful the tide of Cloud Computing is set to be. Forrester Research has added up just about everything Cloud-related and come up with a global market value for Cloud Computing of $241 billion by 2020.


 Well now that's not going to help the cause of Cloud Computing very much, is it? I'm talking about Amazon's globally-publicised public Cloud outage over the Easter period. Indeed there's already been much shaking of heads and sharp intaking of breath among the Cloud naysayers. You can't rely on the Cloud, you see, all too unstable. Even my old chum The Daily Mail lined up to pronounce that the whole incident called the entire Cloud Computing movement into question. 


FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt – runs through the ICT industry as part of its essential DNA. Whatever the latest technological innovation, whatever the new product development, there will be rival vendors sitting in the corner warning that customers really don't want to risk going there with this vendor or that vendor. 


The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS) is hosting its online portfolio systems in a secure Cloud-based location.


The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has published the results of a comprehensive survey into trends and attitudes towards Cloud Computing among the UK’s SME, large enterprises, and public sector bodies, which has revealed almost half of all organisations already use some form of Cloud service.


 The Ministry of Justice is forging ahead with a new Cloud platform and a shared ERP system (across department bodies including Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service, Her Majesty’s Prison Service and the Ministry of Justice Head Office) with the intention of saving £28m a year by 2014. It is one of the first pan-departmental Central Government Shared Service solutions.  


The US Cloud Computing industry has set up a new lobby group – Cloud2 – to influence and shape the direction of public sector Cloud investment over the pond.


Research from nlyte Software has revealed virtualisation and Cloud Computing are the two top trends for the year ahead.


A Cloud infrastructure is being deployed at Loughborough University to deliver cost and energy savings.