Cloud Computing


In the run up to this year's Business Cloud Summit Kevin Paschuck, VP public sector, RightNow Technologies, discusses the benefits of the Cloud for customer experience in the public sector.

Shared services are set to reshape public sector ICT as organisations that once jealously guarded their digital turf enter into partnerships intended to cut costs and improve the effectiveness of ICT.
In the next 12 months nearly a third of public sector organisations plan to move their ICT to shared services, according to a survey by research firm K2 Advisory. And most of the chief information officers (CIOs) that spoke to K2 Advisory say they expect to make savings of 20% or more.

The border land between Cloud Computing and outsourcing has always been fairly porous, but now the Cloud is actively redefining IT sourcing services.

According to a new research study by K2 Advisory, Sourcing IT services ‘for the journey’: The impact of Cloud on Outsourcing, CIOs are now looking for outcome-based Cloud contracts from vendors, horizontal business process platforms to outsource their non-differentiated systems.


Senior public sector officials should be sent on annual training courses in ICT to improve the chances of better technology decision making across central and local government.