Cloud Computing

4G was launched only in October, but other countries have already been making efficiency savings using the technology. How can the UK's public sector utilise super-fast mobile internet?
The Obama campaign team in the US used Cloud Computing firm's portfolio of social and collaboration applications to manage key aspects of the President's re-election push.

Frequently touted green benefits aren’t so straight forward a new report into the environmental impacts of Cloud Computing is saying.


In 2006 the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement was set up as a national body responsible for helping the English NHS improve the delivery of healthcare.


The term Cloud Broker has met with a mixed reception to date. Will it really work for the public sector - and for services houses in need of new revenues?


Earlier this month the European Commission issued a 27 page legal opinion that could have major ramifications for global Cloud Computing – particularly when it comes to dealing with US Cloud services providers from within the European Economic Area (EEA). 


There is much contention surrounding the issue of size in relation to the Cloud, resulting in confusion about whether size does matter and if so, what size Cloud provider really is the best.

Consequently, many companies make uninformed decisions which may ultimately leave them tied into a contract which doesn’t best serve their needs, or in some cases is completely unsuitable for the purposes for which it is required.  


The UK's Cloud Computing ambitions are set to be futher after part of the Olympic Park could become a major Cloud hub following the Games.  


In an encouraging sign for government Cloud strategies worldwide, tangible progress is being made in the US Cloud First roll out according to a new study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).  


In what may foreshadow G-Cloud developments here, it didn’t take too long after Amazon's Cloud services were brought down by a storm last week before sceptics in Washington were raising questions about Cloud’s viability in the government sector.