A 10-year outsourcing contract worth £320 million between Barnet Council and Capita has finally been approved following a Court of Appeal ruling against the deal, which was dismissed by the High Court.
Capita has been awarded a large 10-year IT contract by North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, replacing its legacy system with Capita's new command and control room system.
The UK Border Agency's (UKBA) "inadequate" IT systems are among the reasons why the Home Secretary Theresa May has finally decided to scrap the under-attack agency.
Rob Elliot, from Capita’s further and higher education business, discusses the role of mobile technology in the increasingly competitive FE marketplace.
Local authorities need to move from expensive methods of dealing with citizens to less expensive ones, including self-service channels. Here's some tips for a successful channel shift.
Analyst group K2 Advisory’s Research Manager Kate Hanaghan talks to Capita on the way it’s improved IT buyer engagement
Historically, large and lengthy IT outsourcing contracts have come with a range of both benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, your IT spend may reduce and the quality of service to end users may improve, but on the other you are at the mercy of the supplier - in terms of its performance levels, its ability to innovate and its staffing and skills capabilities.
The three Police Forces of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire look set to become the first three police forces in the UK to share a common back office under a collaborative agreement with supplier Capita.
The new shared system, Origin, will be delivered by Capita’s secure resource solutions business under a contract worth £2.3m over 5 years.
For Capita's Rob Elliott, ICT has to be the key to help futher education cope with massive budget changes on the way
Yes - the financial future of FE looks ever more complicated and competitive.
The Government Procurement Service has launched a big new purchasing framework in partnership with the Department for Education.

Dial 999 and you could soon be getting through to Capita. Or some other outsourcing firm as government plans to hand over emergency call centres to the private sector take a grip.