Capgemini UK has announced the launch of a Digital Government unit dedicated to helping the public sector meet the digital by default agenda.
The London Assembly's Budget and Performance Committee has launched a review of the Met's technology strategy in a bid to make technology savings, potentially affecting current plans.
MPs have hit out at so-called tax avoiding ICT services providers being awarded significant government contracts, citing Accenture and Capgemini as among the worst offenders.

Capgemini earlier this year became one of the most prominent public sector suppliers to enter into a 'new deal' with the Cabinet Office, renegotiating the terms of its Aspire contract with HMRC. 

For Capgemini's Rob Toguri, Big Data may be the 'fourth factor' of production
How do the most successful business leaders make decisions? Instinctively, with their gut? Or do they pour over the data, seeking patterns that others may have missed? Steve Jobs was famously intuitive. There was no ‘data’ to support the launch of the iPhone or the iPad, but Apple had enough confidence in the potential of the market to launch both.

Capgemini's Jonathan Mills wonders if Bring Your Own Device has the makings of a modern day 'Peasants Revolt'...

NHS Scotland - which says it?s all about 'putting Scotland's health on the Web' - is investing a total of £100m in a deal to boost customer outreach.
The body is to work with Capgemini on a new CRM (customer relationship management) system so as to help NHS24, the equivalent of NHS Direct north of the border, better support callers with "timely and efficient clinical assessm
It might have escaped your attention amid the various crises over pasties, petrol and pensioners, but the 31 March was the deadline for the signing of the promised renegotiated deal between the NHS and services provider CSC over the supplier’s work on the National Programme for IT. 
In the event March came and went and there was no sign of any signatures on any contracts. So what’s going on?
K2 Advisory's Katy Ring reflects on what a big supplier's concept of 'orchestrating' may really mean in practice
Capgemini recently ran an analyst and advisor event in the UK to showcase some of its contracts and capabilities.

The government says it's going to save us all £200m in the next five years via a renegotiation of one of the biggest outsourcing deals in the public sector, the Aspire contract.

The deal is bing positioned by the Cabinet Office as yet more fruit of its two years of engagement with big suppliers.

It's also being heralded by the Cabinet Office as offering much more flexibility for the customer - HMRC - and the possibility of more work going outside the main Aspire partner, Capgemini, to smaller technology firms.