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The Open Source industry have been waiting the best part of ten years for the UK Government to mandate a ‘preference’ for Open Source Software (OSS) over proprietary or closed-source alternatives. I personally think it’s great - one year ago I summed up my view of the government’s stance on Open Source in one word: meaningless. OSS was being ignored, and then opposed. Now it’s finally been accepted, allowing the creation of an environment where we can state the obvious.
Data is high on the agenda for the public sector at the moment - is the market learning what it means to function in an emerging information economy.
The Digital Divide could fell the government's Digital by Default ambitions, according to the National Audit Office
GDS' Mike Bracken has offered up his own thoughts in his latest Cabinet Office blog on the dropping of the central CIO role in government – but also points out, that in GDS, and other departments – they’re hiring.
Today’s update on the Government Digital Strategy all sounded incredibly positive, and the scrapping of a government CIO was a big announcement - but what does this now redundant role mean going forward?
The UK government is set to introduce a Public Cloud First policy across Whitehall departments in what appears to be a major victory for the G-Cloud programme team in the Cabinet Office.
The Cyber Security Strategy was launched over a year ago now - Francis Maude has since told us how it's going, the NAO has made their thoughts known too - but what about those directly handle data & information in the public sector?
This week the National Audit Office declared the government's procurement strategy to be the most coherent approach to reform yet. While the report focuses on a lack of enforcement from government, the Cabinet Office is forecasting savings that by the end of the year will have almost doubled over the last four years. Perhaps the government should be focusing on other things? Like this week's other big stories describing the IT skills deficit.
The UK and Estonia have signed a MoU, signalling a commitment to working together on the development of digital public services.
The Cabinet Office has moved its corporate and policy information to GOV.UK. It also takes the Offices of the Leaders of the Houses of Commons and Lords with it.