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Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has commented on the savings and user-benefits the recently completed phase of the GOV.UK project will bring.
Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has announced that six new Crown Representatives have been chosen to work with departments to support early supplier engagement in procurement contracts.
The UK government is encouraging the adoption of open data initiatives as it adds 8 new countries to the Open Government Partnership (OGP)
Open source technology should be used to help commoditise government IT to move from cost-heavy bespoke systems to the more competitive end of the market, Tariq Rashid, IT Reform, Cabinet Office has said.
March was a good month for the G-Cloud programme with more sales then than all the months prior combined up until January.
The NAO's ‘Digital Britain 2’ report said that the Digital Strategy didn’t do enough to address the digital divide – those that are online, and those that aren’t - so what can the Cabinet Office do, and is it time for a new approach?
It's been a big week for standards in the public sector. The EU wants them for Cloud, but many are concerned, the healthcare industry wants them for patient records, but industry is concerned, and finally, the Open Standards Board have made progress by announcing its line up of members. Much discussion lies around how open these should be - openness being the ethos of the Cabinet Office, while openness in the healthcare discussion only seems to be coming from the industry side. Read more...
The members of the Open Standards Board have been revealed as they get ready to work on defining the open standards to use in government IT.
The Government Digital Service has provided a video update of its progress so far on the Government Digital Strategy, including GOV.UK traffic, migration of services, and the NAO Digital Britain report.
The Cabinet Office has been ramping up its digital focus in recent weeks - specifically, it's digital strategy update. While the announcement didn't focus on connectivity this is something that the NAO raised in a recent report on the government's approach to Assisted Digital. Francis Maude has said that they will make digital services so good that "people will prefer to use them", but is simply making something that people prefer to use likely to be enough to get the disinterested online in the first place?