Liverpool appoints suppliers to £11.2m ICT framework

Written by Colin Marrs on 25 April 2016 in News

Liverpool City Council has awarded places on an £11.2m framework to deliver ICT products and services.

The council has announced the suppliers awarded places on the framework, which will replace current arrangements with a single supplier.

The three year framework will last for three years with a one year optional extension period

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Companies awarded to each lot (along with potential annual spending) are as follows:

Lot 1 – Hardware (£730,000): Awarded to Computacenter, Insight Direct, Stone Computers;
Lot 2  - Software (£600,000): Bytes Software, Computacenter, Comparex;
Lot 3 – Professional services (£12,500): Computacenter, Computeam, Phoenix Software;
Lot 4 – Support and maintenance (100,000): Newcorp Computer Services;
Lot 5 – E-catalogue (£90,000): Computacenter;
Lot 6: Schools hardware (£1.2 million): Computacentre, Insight Direct, Stone Computers;
Lot 7: Schools software (65,000): Computacenter, Insight Direct, Nviron.

The total potential annual expenditure is £2.8m a year, and the £11.2m total would only be reached if the optional extension period was extended.

The council’s intention is to establish a set number of suppliers per lot and work will be awarded by a combination of further mini competitions and direct award.

Separately, the council has appointed New Media Warehouse to provide a £260,000 learning management system and HP to supply hardware and monitoring support for its existing network security infrastructure in a deal worth £380,000.

The council is replacing products and services previously provided through its Liverpool Direct Limited joint venture with supplier BT.

The partnership came to an end in 2014, with Liverpool bringing ICT services in house.

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